Commode Chairs Can Help Toilet Needs

Bathroom falls are among the most common accidents, but when someone has mobility issues, those falls can happen anywhere. Commode chairs and their accompanying accessories are an ideal solution to provide bathroom safety and prevent falls.

Determining what type of features patients need can be confusing. Do you need an arm commode, one with footrests or adjustable height?

For many individuals, getting into the bathroom isn't a problem, but lowering and rising up from a toilet seat can provide a challenge for many. A commode chair is designed to be used almost anywhere, in a bedroom, bathroom or shower, with different types of chairs designed to accommodate a range of patient needs.

While some people may be familiar with traditional stand-alone units, even these models now have a number of variations that provide even more help and convenience. A drop arm commode allows the chair to fold down to provide easier access. That same product also comes with multiple variations to accommodate individuals who weigh more than 130kg or who want to use the commode as a shower chair.