How to Choose the Right Seat Riser

Choosing a Raised Toilet Seat

Elevated or raised seats for toilets are specifically designed medical aids for those with limited mobility.

Many Australian's who suffer from chronic joint pain purchase a toilet seat elevator. Attaching a seat riser to the existing toilet seat makes life much easier.

There are many toilets seats on the market, but those with limited mobility must buy a suitable toilet seat elevator. Seat elevators vary, so it is important to choose the right seat riser.

  • Look at the toilet seats and consider the height. Seat risers are between two and six inches high.
  • Locate a stable toilet seat elevator. Choose a sturdy seat riser with arms and locking clamps.
  • Look for seat risers that will carry your weight. Many toilet seats for the disabled are suitable for people weighing 110kgs or less.

. There are many elevated toilet seats on sale. Some are held in place with brackets whereas other seat risers utilize non-skid pads. Select a toilet seat that fits firmly.

The ideal seat elevator will be comfortable to sit on. Consider purchasing a padded toilet seat elevator. Some seat elevators are more comfortable than others, buy a padded seat riser to ensure comfort.