Achieve Independence In The Bathroom

Mobility Sales offers solutions for independent living no matter the disability or need for assistance. If you are seeking creative and useful bathroom accessories Mobility Sales is the place for you. Our product selection includes bathroom ideas that keep individuals with limited mobility and other challenges related to age or illness safe and supported in their homes. Popular products include adaptations and aids that extend beyond basic functioning, and quality is always a hallmark of Mobility Sales products.

Mobility Sales bathroom helpers range from easy solutions such as toilet paper aids and toilet tissue holders. The Freedom Wand Toilet Tissue device comes with compatible extenders, and the holder makes changing toilet paper rolls as easy as possible. Our adjustable toilet seats and toilet elevator products promote hygiene, comfort, and independence. We even offer automatic toilet seat options, and the iTouchless model can be an attractive and needed addition in any bathroom.

ROHO seat cushions are popular products for many reasons, and we offer these toilet seat cushions as well. The design is both superior and simple, and anyone dealing with ulcers and other sensitivities can benefit from the comfortable inflatable sections. Safety, comfort, and independent living are genuine possibilities with bathroom basics and accessories found at Mobility Sales.