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About Mobility Sales Marketplace
Mobility Sales Marketplace gives you more choices. Thousands of the latest mobility products are available through approved and certified Mobility Sales Marketplace Retailers.

We are constantly adding new Marketplace Retailers, bringing you even more great brands and thousands of additional choices.

  • When you purchase an item from one of our Marketplace Retailers, the typical secure checkout process is available.
  • Mobility Sales does not share your credit card or other financial information with Marketplace Retailers.
  • The Marketplace Retailer will manage and support your order, including shipping and handling, customer service, exchanges and returns. Tracking information, if available, can be accessed through your Mobility Sales.com My Account page.
  • Mobility Sales is available to help resolve customer issues in accordance with the Mobility Sales Marketplace Customer Service Policy. See below for details.

To return a Mobility Sales Marketplace purchase:

  1. Start by reviewing the Marketplace Retailer’s returns policy. There is a list of retailers above; follow the retailer’s link to view their customer service contact information.
  2. If you are able to return your purchase in accordance with their returns policy, contact the Marketplace Retailer directly. You cannot return the item to a Mobility Sales store or to MobilitySales.com.au.
  3. If you do not receive a response from the Marketplace Retailer, you can file a claim with MobilitySales.com.au. We will attempt to resolve the issue on your behalf, in accordance with our Mobility Sales Marketplace Customer Service Policy, only if you have already attempted to work with the Marketplace Retailer first.

If there is a problem with an order you place with a Marketplace Retailer, please follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Marketplace Retailer directly to resolve the problem. MobilitySales.com.au Customer Service cannot track orders or process cancellations, returns or replacements for items that were purchased from a Marketplace Retailer and these items cannot be returned to a Mobility Sales or to MobilitySales.com.au.
  2. Wait until seven days after the maximum estimated arrival date listed on your order confirmation email.
  3. If in this time the Marketplace Retailer has not resolved your problem, you can file a claim with MobilitySales.com.au subject to the terms of this Mobility Sales Marketplace Customer Service Policy. We will review each claim to confirm it is being made in accordance with the Marketplace Retailer’s returns and customer service policies.

It may take up to four weeks for MobilitySales.com.au to research your case, work with the Marketplace Retailer and respond to your claim. In the course of MobilitySales.com.au’s review of your claim, MobilitySales.com.au may share your information with the Marketplace Retailer only as specified in Mobility Sales Privacy Policy.

File a claim with MobilitySales.com.au

If you see a message that says you do not have any orders that are eligible for a claim, it is most likely because you are not within the eligibility window for claims. Claims can only be filed with MobilitySales.com.au:

  1. Beginning seven (7) days after the maximum estimated arrival date listed in your order confirmation email
  2. No more than 45 days past that seventh day

Please note: You can submit a maximum of ten (10) Marketplace Retailer claims during the lifetime of your MobilitySales.com.au account.

You can file a claim with MobilitySales.com.au Customer Service about a Marketplace Retailer for the following reasons:

  • One or more item is missing from an order
  • You returned an item according to the Marketplace Retailer’s return instructions but did not receive a refund or replacement
  • An item you received was materially different from what was shown on MobilitySales.com.au, including:
    • Item is damaged
    • Item is defective
    • Item received is the wrong version / edition
    • Item is in a condition or with details not as described during purchase
    • The wrong item was shipped
    • Item is missing parts or components

Please follow the steps under "Mobility Sales Marketplace Customer Service Policy" above before contacting MobilitySales.com.au.

If you would like to withdraw a claim you filed with MobilitySales.com.au Customer Service regarding an order you placed with a Marketplace Retailer, you must reply to the claim confirmation email you received.

A withdrawn claim will not count toward your lifetime maximum of ten (10) claims.

Mobility Sales Marketplace Retailer Reviews are written by customers who have purchased products from a Marketplace Retailer at MobilitySales.com.au. The reviews are not about the products themselves, but about the quality of customer service the Marketplace Retailer provides, as well as whether items arrived on time and in good condition.

If you make a purchase from a Marketplace Retailer, we’ll send you emails inviting you to review both the Marketplace Retailer and the product a few weeks later. Use the links provided to get to the review forms.

For the sake of security, we do not save credit or debit card information. It might take a little longer to enter this information every time you make an order, but it helps to keep your personal information safe. All payments are processed securely by eWay Australia

We will always send you an email when your order is complete. If you finish an order and haven’t seen an e-mail, make sure to check your spam folder. If the confirmation email is nowhere to be found, make sure to contact our customer service center so that we can help you.

If you didn’t get quite what you were looking for, you can always directly contact the Mobility Sales Marketplace Retailer who sold you the product. Our Marketplace Retailers do their best to make the return process easy, but each Marketplace Retailer has their own terms so be sure to contact them directly via phone or email. If you aren’t sure if you were signed in when you made your order, just check your order confirmation email — it will have all of your necessary information of the direct person to contact.

Orders with Mobility Sales Marketplace Retailers generally take 1-4 business days to arrive in major cities within Australia and 5-7 days to arrive elsewhere. You should always contact the Marketplace Retailer directly to get the tracking number and track your package online.

Promo codes are great tools that help you to get a discount when you shop with us. The code is represented by a series of letters or numbers, all of which must be entered when you check out.

An example promo code might say “enter code ‘XYZ456′ in the shopping cart to receive five dollars off”. Promo codes don’t always apply, of course, and they are usually only valid for a limited time. These codes are purely for discounts — if you have a gift voucher, you must apply that voucher at the payment stage of the checkout process.

Sorry, but this isn’t possible. You can only apply your promo code when you are checking out.

If you want to talk about something else — prices, customer service or personal details — contact our customer service center. This kind of information is important, but we prefer to talk to you one-on-one.