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The Jay Focus Point Back is a three piece contoured designed backrest that features a rib reinforced contoured aluminum shell and two multi-adjustable lateral wings. The foam is contoured and features a pelvic wedge that can be placed in multiple positions for posterior pelvic support. The adjustability of the back is what allows the patient to be “squeezed” into position to provide the best lateral and posterior support for their body type.

Jay Clamp Style Hardware

The new Jay Basic Backrest clamp style hardware features a hinged clamp system. Available tube sizes: 7/8″ – using a thick insert 1″ – using a thin insert, 1 1/8″ – using no insert.

Universal Headrest Mounting Plate
The Jay Focus Point Back comes standard with a universal headrest mounting plate that accommodate the following hardware: standard flip-back, standard slide-in, Ottobock slide-in, Whitmyer flip-back, Whitmyer slide-in.

Three Piece Cover

The Focus Point Back features a three-piece washable cover that allows for easy lateral adjustment and cleaning. The foam is attached to the cover, not the back.



Designed for the client who has moderate to high postural needs.

Suitable for the client who needs an easy-to-use back support that provides both
posterior pelvic and lateral postioning.

Ideal for the client who has changing postural needs overtime.

Scapular cut-outs minimize interference with upper extremity range of motion.


Three piece contoured design features a rib reinforced contoured aluminum shell
and two mutli-adjustable lateral wings.

Features a universal mounting plate for headrests as a standarad option.

Back Height Adjustment: 4″

Width adjustment: 1″

Seat Depth: 1.8″

Back Angle: Recline Angle: 20 backward.

Clamp style hardware fits on I” and 7/8″ back canes.

Easy Installation and adjustment for a customized fit.



Provides moderate to aggressive lateral support.

Most suitable for the person with decreased for the person with decreased lateral
trunk stability symmetrical lateral support.


Lateral wing adjustments:
Height: 4″ (I” increments)
Width: 1-1.5″
Horizontal angle: up to 127


Sunrise Medical






FB1415 – 14″ x 15″ (Part #), FB1415T – 14″ x 15″ Tall (Part #), FB1617 – 16″ x 17″ (Part #), FB1617T – 16″ x 17″ Tall (Part #), FB1819 – 18″ x 19″ (Part #), FB1819T – 18″ x 19″ Tall (Part #), FB2021 – 20″ x 21″ (Part #), FB2021T – 20″ x 21″ Tall (Part #)

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