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An off the shelf back support designed to provide posterior lateral pelvic stabilization along with enhanced trunk stability. It is lightweight and angle adjustable allowing for easy installation, fitting and removal to fold the wheelchair.



Designed for the client who has minimal to moderate postural needs.

Suitable for the client who has changing postural need over time.

Provides excellent posterior pelvis stabilization and posterior thoracic support,
facilitating thoracic extension.

Addresses the needs of the client with skin integrity issues on the spinous process.


Lighweight, contoured aluminum shell and contoured foam insert.

Angle adjustability of up to 15 .

Optional spinal fluid pad insert provides pressure and shear reduction.

Height adjustable.

Creates minimal loss of seat depth.

Shape and size minimizes interference with upper extremity functional activities.



Provides mild to moderate lateral support.

Optional fixed or swing-away trunk supports ideal for correcting or accommodating
a mild to moderate asymmetrical posture.

Optional fixed or swing-away trunk supports also ideal for providing symmetrical
lateral support.


Extended and offset hardware kits are available for a custom fit.

Flat and curved pads available.

Fluid pads available for the client with skin integrity issues.


Sunrise Medical






2512K – 12″ width x 12.5″ height (Part #), 2513K – 13″ width x 13″ height (Part #), 2514K – 14″ width x 14.5″ height (Part #), 2515K – 15″ width x 16.5″ height (Part #), 2516K – 16″ width x 16.5″ height (Part #), 2517K – 17″ width x 16.5″ height (Part #), 2518K – 18″ width x 16.5″ height (Part #), 2519K – 19″ width x 16.5″ height (Part #), 2520K – 20″ width x 16.5″ height (Part #)

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