Etac 4Way Glide Mini

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Available from multiple sellers

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Etac 4Way sliding system consists of two components, a nylon sheet that is attached to the mattress, and a plain mattress that pile nylon sheet.

Together they form the complete solution.


* Turning

* Positioning

* Higher up in the bed

* Can be used with mobile lifting or overhead lifts

Etac 4Way Glide Mini is a short slide system that is suitable for patients with moderate disability (pelvic, hip problems, etc.).

The product makes it easier to turn in bed. Non-slip-edge of the nylon sheet reduces the risk of the user to slide out of bed while sitting at your bedside.


Article Width x Length Species. No

Glide 4Way Mini
4Way Glide Mini, plain mattress 140 x 100 cm IM140/100
Nylon sheets with non-slip 140 x 100 cm IM140/100NS
4Way Glide Mini-Sets: IM140/100 + IM140/100NS IM4301

Tip Use Wedge kilkudde with 4Way glide.


Mattress slide, the top Polyester / cotton

Upholstery Polyester Fiber

Bottom Nylon

Handle Polyester


Glide Rehabilitation Products


Glide Rehabilitation Products




Nylon, Nylon, Cotton, Polyester

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