Etac AirGlide LPL Air Mattress

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Etac AirGlide is an air mattress with 4-way slide system AirGlide, a pressure relief slide or turn the system and for positioning the bed. The product is suitable for persons who are at risk for pressure ulcers and those with pressure ulcers up to Stage 2nd LPL AirGlide facilitates movements in all directions and the product is easy to place and use.

Airglide LPL is a unique product that combines a moving system (4WayGlide LPL) with a pressure relieving air mattress (Repose). Repose air mattress is made of a thermoplastic membrane, which ensures that the pressure distribution is optimized, which reduces the risk of developing pressure ulcers. The surface is soft, skin friendly and breathable. It is easy to clean / disinfect.


* Care of pressure sensitive patients

* Turning

* Positioning

* Higher up in the bed

* moving from bed to couch / bed

* Can be used in kombinationmed mobil-/taklyftar





IM120017, IM85/200LPLNS, IM78000LPL, IM78200, 2 x IM78300 IM4311

Consists of:
Etac product bag

B30 x H30 x L68 cm IM120017

Nylon sheets with non-slip and antihalkl s B85 x 200 cm IM85/200LPLNS

Nylon Sliding Disc without antihalkl s B140 x 190 cm IM78000LPL

Airglide Repose air mattress including pump

B140 x 190 cm


Cover Cotton (2 pcs.)

B140 x 190 cm



Repair kit AirGlide


Nylon sheets of anthalkkant and l slucka

B85 x 200 cm


Nylon sheets with anthalkkant and three sliding doors

B85 x 200 cm IM85/2003LPL


Sheets Nylon with non-slip / PU-coated nylon

AirGlide air mattress Thermoplastic polyurethane

Coating Cotton

Wash your avatar
Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Cotton Sheets: See the icons below. Repose air mattress: Soapy water / detergent diluted in water in accordance with hospital procedures for mattress cleaning. The material can be cleaned with Hycolin 1.5%, Clearcoc 1:10, Milton 1:10, 1:100 Hypochlorite, Sterilot 2%, Chlorhexidin 1:200 (in 70% isopropyl).






Nylon, Cotton, Nylon

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