A Look Behind Inspired By Lacey Shea Designs

inspiredbylaceysheaLaunched in 2012, Inspired by Lacey Shea is an adaptive clothing line that is created especially for people with disabilities. The masterminds behind this range are three sisters from South Australia: Lois Walsh, Ann Boer and Kay Rault. Kay is the designer of the line, which is named after Lacey Shea, the permanently disabled granddaughter of Ann. Taking care of Lacey Shea has given the three sisters the fabulous idea of introducing a high quality functional clothing line meant for people with broken arms and stiff limbs or people suffering from old age, dementia, autism, etc. Thanks to this line, dressing up disabled individuals is no longer an arduous and challenging task!

In the beginning, the three sisters had a limited budget and they were struggling with the marketing aspect of their business. The sisters enrolled for the Mentoring for Success program in Polaris Centre, which has helped their project to take off. The project is now soaring high, for which a lot of credit goes to Polaris Centre as it has not only offered support for the online company but also strengthened it immensely.

Dresseasy clothing is just what its name suggests, it is all about helping people with disability dress easy. The line also offers immense benefits to the people who take care of the disabled, because it makes it easier for the former to dress and undress the latter. These clothing do not irritate the skin and they minimize back strain and lifting while allowing the individuals to move freely in them. The clothing line is meant for people of all age groups, from children to adults to elderly individuals. Since these clothes are very easy to put on and take off, therefore the whole dressing process becomes quicker and more comfortable as the patient does not need to be lifted often.

At the moment adults. Dresseasy clothing does not have any shopfront but rather it operates online. The website has a very user-friendly interface and it is extremely easy to navigate the same in search of the clothing items required. The company ships worldwide in destinations such as Afghanistan, India, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, Lebanon, Slovania and so on. Needless to mention, the shipping charges for the clothing would differ depending upon the destination. Nevertheless, the website does have sale periods from time to time and in addition to this, discount coupon codes can be applied to bring down the prices!

The various garments sold at Dresseasy Clothing can be segregated into three major headings: garments for disabled, special needs clothing and clothing for the elderly. There are different types of clothing items available for sale: sleepwear, outerwear, underwear and accessories such as skull caps and different types of bibs. These are available for both the genders and they cater to different age groups as well. For men, the sizes available are: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large whereas for females the sizes available are: Extra Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. All in all, the entire range is very diverse and versatile.