Innovative Crutches For Independence

After an injury, crutches have been the proven way to recover and maintain good health. Providing support and helping balance, standard crutches come in many styles and sizes to accommodate the individual patient.

People sometimes complain about crutch length or the sometimes awkward shape. At Mobility Sales, we carry the Millennial In-Motion Pro Crutches which address the major concerns with other crutches.

The tips on these innovative crutches are spring-loaded to give a gentler and more natural impact when walking. They fold compactly in half and take up less space when travelling.

For severe balance problems, Euro-crutches (or forearm crutches) support the upper body above the wrist. They are adjustable and come in different colors. Also, they feature a textured grip and contoured cuff. Shorter than standard crutches, Euro-crutches are highly maneuverable.

Mobility Sales is proud to carry crutches and accessories which make life with assistive devices easier. Padded hand grips, underarm cushions and different pouches to carry wallet and keys and are just some of the items Mobility Sales carries to assist you to live as independently as possible.