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Mobility Sales is an online collection of specialty shops and brands offering the latest mobility solutions for the disabled and elderly markets.

Who are we looking for?

We are passionate about working with mobility businesses that support their customers in a truly caring and understanding way.
It is important that our partners have similar cultural and business values to us. Working with like minded partners is essential to building a winning relationship and the core to making mobility choices more accessible and interesting than ever before.
As well as this, you should also have the following experience and resources:
Experienced in mobility, disability, medical or related health care industries
Provide great customer service
A desire to open your business to the Mobility Sales community and tell your story
Sell products in our key categories
Sell successfully online
Display clear, detailed images and write clear, original descriptions
Offer fast, reasonably priced shipping, originating from within Australia or New Zealand.
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We prominently feature shop owners who have great stories to tell. We’d love to hear yours.