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About Mobility Sales Marketplace
Mobility Sales Marketplace gives you more choices. Thousands of the latest mobility products are available through Mobility Sales. All Marketplace Retailers are approved to sell on
Over time, we will be adding new Marketplace Retailers, bringing you even more great brands and thousands of additional choices.

  • When you purchase an item from one of our Marketplace Retailers, the typical secure checkout process is available.
  • Mobility Sales does not share your credit card or other financial information with Marketplace Retailers.
  • The Marketplace Retailer will manage and support your order, including shipping and handling, customer service, exchanges and returns. Tracking information, if available, can be accessed through your Mobility My Account page.
  • Mobility Sales is available to help resolve customer issues in accordance with the Mobility Sales Marketplace Customer Service Policy. See below for details.

Do you have a question? If so, it might have already been answered. Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions.

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Membership has many benefits. They include:

  • Earn Reward Points on every purchase
  • Access to exclusive discounts
  • Early Access to Sales
  • Updated on latest mobility products
  • 2-Click Checkout
  • Check on the status of your orders
  • Viewing order history
  • Store important shipping addresses

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Once you sign in using the LOGIN IN link on Mobility Sales website, you can go to MY ACCOUNT and change your details as often as you wish. This is also where you can review any details of your account including orders.

It’s easy to forget a password, and we make it just as easy to recover. All you need to do is go to LOGIN on the top-right corner of Mobility Sales’s website and click the link that says “Forgot Your Password”. All you have to do is enter your email address and wait for us to send you a new password.
Reset Your Password

Of course! When you sign in to My Account (featured in the top-right corner of the Mobility Sales website), you can go to Account Information and choose the option to change your password. You will need access to your old password to complete the process.

Mobility Sales is in full compliance with the Data Protection Act, so all of your personal details (including your orders) are protected. If you need to know more about our privacy policy, you can click here.

We hope that you’ll find our emails informative, especially when we have new promotions and discounts. If you absolutely need to avoid our great news, though, you can unsubscribe by going to My Account and then to the My Preferences section.

We really care about our customers, and we really care about what you think about our process and our products. We do have some guidelines for online reviews, though, because we want to make sure that your feedback remains useful to others. We will online allow comments that remain within these guidelines.

  • Only leave feedback based on your experience — talk about the product you bought, not one that you’ve viewed.
  • Only honest reviews — if you liked it or hated it, let the world know.
  • Make sure the review is useful — keep it concise!
  • Nothing offensive, racist, or crude. That’s not what we’re about, and we won’t have it on the site!
  • Privacy is important! Don’t use your real name — choose a nickname. No links to outside sites, either, as this could lead to potentially misleading information for other customers.

Mobility Sales Marketplace Retailer Reviews are written by customers who have purchased products from a Marketplace Retailer at The reviews are not about the products themselves, but about the quality of customer service the Marketplace Retailer provides, as well as whether items arrived on time and in good condition.

If you make a purchase from a Marketplace Retailer, we’ll send you emails inviting you to review both the Marketplace Retailer and the product a few weeks later. Use the links provided to get to the review forms.

If you want to talk about something else — prices, customer service or personal details — contact our customer service center. This kind of information is important, but we prefer to talk to you one-on-one.