Which Bath Safety Aid?

Bathrooms have undergone quite a change in the last century from simplistic designs to more comprehensive and useful designs. Because cleanliness is important, toilets have undergone an evolution of usefulness. Take time to review our selection of simplistic, functional and easy-to-install, toilet safety frames. No matter the age or health of a person, he or she craves independence when it comes to bathroom etiquette. A person's level of mobility is individual and unique.

At Mobility Sales, we know the importance everyone has of keeping bathroom time personal and peaceful. Regardless of mobility or physical ability, everyone treasures and seeks a safe and peaceful bathroom environment. We list only the finest products from the best manufacturers to ensure that your bathroom is convenient and safe for anyone who needs assisted living tools and devices. We also offer a variety of sizes, styles and functions. The region in question, when it comes to bathroom safety, is individual and personal.

The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms in the house with it's potentially slippery floors, hard surfaces and sharp corners. In fact, the bathtub can be a danger to a person of any age if bath safety is not properly followed. It can be especially hazardous for little children, the elderly or those with certain disabilities. Fortunately, there are bath safety aids that can be used to help prevent accidents or injuries.

Grab Bars & Support Rails

A grab bar is one of the most common and useful safety aids. It gives individuals a sturdy bar to hold on to for balance and assistance when getting in or out of the tub. However, it is vitally important to have the bar properly installed to ensure it's stability.

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Transfer Benches

Senior citizens and individuals who suffer from certain physical ailments can benefit from the use of a transfer bench. This aid enables people to sit down outside the bathtub and then move across the seat, into the stall. This eliminates the sometimes difficult task of stepping over the side of the tub, which can lead to slips and falls. There are several variations of these products available, from stationary benches to more convenient, automatic choices.

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