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Think of Mobility Sales as a disability and senior care shopping center in the palm of your hand that never closes, curated by experts and people just like you. It helps you find the most amazing mobility products available today. A regular mobility store has 150 products, but on Mobility Sales you’ll find more than 2,000 products in 500 categories, from all the big brands you know, as well as the small independent brands run by sellers you’ve never heard of and wish you had.

Our fresh and exciting marketplace makes it easy to discover and buy latest disability and senior care products and services in one location. Whether it’s errands, work, or a family holiday – you will find a complete line of solutions that will help you get there, only from Australia’s trusted and leading mobility specialists and retailers.

Mobility Sales is proudly a 100% Australian business operating in South Australia and we are part of Mobility Digital Pty Ltd (ABN: 69 168 943 860). Feel free to contact us anytime using the form below or reach out to our customer service with your questions.

Our Vision

Fulfilling Potential

Mobility Sales is devoted to provide each and every person – from the elderly, to children with disabilities to professional health care providers – with the opportunity, solutions, and the motivation to realize what they are capable of. Everybody has the ability to do great things. Mobility Sales has taken the responsibility to help consumers, care givers, professionals, children, parents, artists and partners to fulfill their full potential, and overcome obstacles that they may have never thought were possible.

Our Mission

Always Challenge and Lead through Opportunities

Mobility Sales is constantly innovating and changing, and is determined to help lead through building new opportunities in a creative and helpful way. No challenge is too great or too small, and all innovators who work with the group are determined to help make a positive change. The professionals behind Mobility Sales see the world a little bit differently, and through their business practices, they are determined to make their mark on the world of disability and senior care. Mobility Sales is able to create opportunities and products through marketplaces that reflect the brand’s potential and creativity, helping out those who need it most.

Our Positioning

To Empower Australia’s Disabled and Elderly To Fulfill their Potential

Mobility Sales is aware that individuals will always be unique, regardless of their real abilities. That is why Mobility Sales is driven to help empower Australia’s elderly and disabled population. Our positioning amplifies this; celebrating that each person has their own distinct points of view, remarkable talents and accomplishments, styles and qualities. We support the bravery and strength it takes to build their own path within the world, to fulfill their potential, and live healthy, energetic lives.

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