Hand Painted Tablecloths By Carmel

Hand Painted Tablecloths By Carmel

Introduce your table to hand painted table cloths by Carmel. Established in the South African market for over fourteen years, Carmel is a talented artist that invoked the brilliant idea to place hand painted art on table cloths. Benjy Stoch successfully progresses in the restaurant business and the brother of Carmel realized the business potential of his sister’s unique talent.

The product saves work and money for the user and is also cost effective for buyers. Fill a table with bright colours created by a group of 27 local artists. Many, growing up in the vicinity work for the company. Table cloths painted by Carmel are spectacular looking. They are useful and prized possessions.

Raised in the wide-open spaces of a farm in Malmesbury, along the Western Cape of South Africa, Carmel has established a working factory in Cape Town to design her products. This talented artist provides restaurants and elderly homes all over the UK, United States, Australia, Canada and South Africa with gorgeous tablecloths.

Seniors have difficulty with movement and things can be knocked over on the table. This is frustrating for the elderly and many worry about putting added work on others. Laundry cost is less and the table cloth still looks nice, even if it is grape juice or other deep staining substances. Elderly guests never need worry about spill with this tableware, stains wipe right off, leaving no damage.

Table cloths hand painted by Carmel are always a pleasant way to decorate a table for dinner, a party or everyday decorating. The colours and designs fit into kitchens and outdoor activities anytime. Use these decorative table clots for the elderly and save on laundry cost and changing of tableware. Laundry cost is reduced and decorated kitchen tables stay clean.

Shop online for table cloths that are easy to clean with a damp cloth anytime, the dispatch depot is located in Waterloo NSW, 2017 Australia. The contact by mobile is Kevin Fine, 1300 9600 37. Products are created from 100% cotton but are skillfully coated to protect paintings from stains. This coated tableware with placemats to match. Designs of flowers, strips, vegetables and solids are ready to order. Free replacements are offered if tableware is damaged. Disabled table clothes are painted in beautiful rich hues.

Planners love using table cloths that save on laundry costs when setting tables for seniors and the elderly. Place inside or outside, since they are waterproof. The Carmel designed table ware fits all shaped tables, round, rectangular and square.

Table cloths hand painted by Carmel are designed in an array of themes. Get stripes, floral prints and checks. Food designs are always fun and if a restaurant or elderly home wants to place a logo on a table cloth or mat, it can be arranged. Coated table cloths used for seniors take everyday dinners with ease. Elderly people are rejuvenated with bright colours and realistic designs.

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