Mac’s Metalcraft Lift Beds

Macs Metalcraft Lift Beds

Mac’s Metalcraft Pty Ltd, makes quality electronically adjustable beds. Located in Australia, this company specifically designs and manufacturers, safety side rails, bedside lockers, overbed tables, I.V. poles, self-help poles and a host of other progressive assistance equipment for seniors.

Mac’s Metalcraft products are designed to meet strict AS/NZS 3200.2.38:1997 specifications (No Lift Policy) and Occupational Health & Safety regulations, in designing and manufacturing these aids, Mac’s Metalcraft keeps the comfort and safety of customers in mind.

The intent of Mac’s Metalcraft, is to become the most progressive client oriented business in the field of senior equipment. Delivering well made products to clients with impeccable after the sale, customer service.

Self help poles and other equipment designed for the elderly has to perform efficiently. Quality does not allow shortcuts on materials or construction. Safety is important in aged care beds and other senior merchandise.

Beds are adjustable, using electronic controls, permitting patients to sit or lie down comfortably.

A bed is a place to rest and a good adjustable bed provides a greater level of comfort to the user.

Our sophisticated easy to manage floor level beds lessens the risk of falls or other injury when accommodating state regulatory policy’s (No restraint).

Many variables affect equipment used by the elderly. Worry free use is essential. Equipment for the elderly must be safe to use under difficult situations. This is a given, however materials and construction must be durable with the ability to take the everyday pressure of constant use. Whether the equipment is used for hospital or home care, safety side rails, electronically adjustable beds and other devices must function safely and efficiently.

Enjoy the advantage of using a bed that lowers a patient up to 11 cm to the floor. This model is a sensible option to safety side rails, which are slowly becoming undesirable for home or hospital service. Lift beds offer a far better option in maneuverability and greater protection from injury.

Electronically adjustable beds are great. However, one very attractive benefit, other lift beds do not offer is the auto-retractive backrest. The backrest moves from horizontal to vertical, drawing the lower edge to the head area away from the beds inhabitant. This activity takes pressure from the lumbar aiding in back pain relief.

Electronic adjustable beds have a lift range that takes the effort out of lowering the bed, especially for elderly patients. Height adjustable lift beds make caring for seniors much simpler. When patients require physical help, the lift bed makes helping patients easier. This permits nurses and other staff to lower the bed to a height for easy access to patient. The lift bed also allows patients to help themselves when unattended.

Our beds give a look of conventionality while performing a unique task. They do not appear institutional, yet carry the design and utility features of a senior care bed.

Electrical beds move up and down easily and take the struggle out of raising and lowering senior beds. This is especially important for patients with mobility problems. Adjustable beds promote easy movement for caregivers in moving patients from one device to another. Lift beds with changing height allow hospital patients greater movement when getting into and leaving bed.

Mac’s Metalcraft has many important senior aids but another important utility piece is the over bed table. This is a big help, allowing patients to help themselves. They can take medication, play game, read and assists medical staff, placing things conveniently within reach. This lifeline is a wonderful way to give patients confined to bed a bit of independence.

Tables built by Mac’s Metalcraft are sturdy and beautifully designed. These are adjustable beds created by Australian craftsmen. Fold these useful tables for

This equipment is useful in mortuaries or for forensic work. This is easily integrated furniture of a number of uses.

Mac’s Metalcraft supplies reliable mortuary equipment. Structures are safe for racking and autopsy trolleys. Use these tables for dissection and mortuary tables. This product is essential for any utility.

Table design makes sliding any object onto mortuary racking easy. This unit can produce an easy way to transport bodies from one place to other sections of the mortuary.

Mac’s Metalcraft ahs made elderly care products for quite some time and has thought of multiple products to help keep patients comfortable. Sores are a problem when people lie in one position. Mac’s Metalcraft has an excellent pressure mattress that acts as a solution for this problem.

This mattress carries three layers of comfort foam reducing pressure. The memory layer on top, a center layer with high density, closed in with a full base. The sides are tough, making patient movement simple. Mat-1 Woundcare has a 150kg load capacity.

The Mat-2 is another pressure reduction mattress built of three-layer foam to lessen low to medium pressure with 120kg weight tolerance.

Mat-3 Contour displays two-layer foam, consisting of a base, supporting a 120kg load.

Mat-4 carries raised sides, preventing accidental falls. The mattress is contoured and supports three-layers of cushioned foam, preventing pressure issues.

Mat-5 produces two levels of comfort foam and a complex top cover. It too carries a contoured side.

We enjoy helping customers choose products that benefit their needs. If a customer needs a product that is not available, Mac’s Metalcraft is ready to discuss its development. We are ready to show customers our line of products and to demonstrate benefits. For information call or email our service department.