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Located in Victoria, the Petal Back Clothing company provides all of Australia with vital adaptive clothing options for the eldely and disabled. The group features a unique variety of clothes, designed to be comfortable, dignified, and attractive, while still maintaining its functionality. The sleek and comfortable designs can ensure that pain and stress are reduced, while safety concerns are kept minimal. The owner, Linda Dugan, first realized that the aging population could benefit from unique clothes when she was taking care of her grandmother. Her grandmother was a strong and proud woman who always tried to keep her needs from troubling others, but there was little that could be done because of what clothing options existed. She wanted to create a line of clothes that could bring style and dignity to those who were not able to move well on their own. All of her products are designed to be comfortable and easy to wear, while still retaining their stylish aspects to bring some wardrobe options to the elderly and disabled.

With over 22 years of experience in the supply and design field of the fashion industry, the owner was able to create numerous unique and practical clothing options. Not only are all of the clothing options extremely aesthetically appealing to the wearer, but they are also easy to manage by nursing staff. There are numerous feminine nighties for women and nightshirts for men, each made with comfort and style in mind. The creative back design system assist in easy dressing and undressing for victims of stroke and those who suffer from chronic arthritis. The clothes are also highly serviceable for those who suffer from incontinence. The material options are also designed to comfortably settle against sensitive skin, with ponchos and knee rugs available to provide warmth and comfort. All of the clothes are chosen for their weight and feel, and there are several color options that customers can choose from. One look at the catalog will let prospective buyers know that they are making the right choice in elderly wear.

The ladieswear section of their store features a gorgeous catalog for older women, made with style and dignity in mind. There are several different color options to choose from, along with several unique prints and patterns that showcase style and comfort, no matter what item is purchased. The menswear section is just as diverse in its options. All of the fabrics and garments are comfortable and stylish, and help the wearer move easier and enjoy the way the clothes feel. In addition to the general clothing selection, shoppers can also choose from two types of footwear for both men and women. These shoes can help provide additional comfort and mobility, making them an excellent purchase to complete a set or to stand on their own. All of the products available at Petal Back Clothing are extremely affordable, with a unique style of clothing available for just about every taste and need.

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