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slipon_swimsuits_banner_dressing_2500x600The SlipOn Swimsuits company was first created specifically to help every person get the most enjoyment out of their every day. The company prides itself on a very large product range that includes a variety of smart ideas, each of which were designed to help improve the lives of those who suffer from restricted mobility. It does not matter whether the individual suffered from an illness, disability, or age related problem, the swimsuits are made to help bring motion and comfort back into their lives. The owner of the company, Dianne Rothhammer Sheetz, has been heavily involved in the water product industry ever since her daughter had won medals with the USA Olympics swimming team in 1972. Her company had helped pioneer the industry, and is responsible for creating the first swimming goggles, the first lycra swimsuits, and the first aquatic therapy equipment in the United States. She has continued to provide innovations for those who need it, moving to New Zealand and refining her SlipOn Swim Suits, designed to attractively and comfortably fit the elderly and disabled.

The unique SlipOn SwimSuits are designed to help you get in and out of your swimsuits as easily and quickly and possible. It simply slips on and off, without having to force you to face any of the ordinary struggles that come with swimsuits. If you are pregnant, suffer from any variety of mobility limiting diseases, regularly experience incontinence, then this product is right for you. It features a patented design with revolutionary crossover bodice functions, which combines comfort with a flattering design, making it simple to wear and show off, no matter your body type. You can wear it to experience regular pain relief and aquatic healing exercises, especially if you purchase a specialty DVD with your swimsuit. Aquatic exercises can bring your mind and body great relief, and this swimsuits is designed specifically to help you get started quickly and efficiently, without having to worry about being slowed down by sudden pain or mobility problems.

In addition to the swimsuits, this company features a very wide selection of products that can help you achieve the desired effect in your body. They have a water walking assistant that you can purchase to help you achieve a better degree of mobility in the water. It is designed to assist with freestyle swimming and mobility, in addition to a variety of different disorders that would otherwise limit your mobility. They also feature numerous towels designed to discourage the growth of bacteria and provide you with a clean feeling every time you dry off. If you suffer from incontinence, you may also be interested in purchasing the incontinence briefs sold by the group. These briefs are approved by the ACC and ensure comfort and relief no matter what. Finally, be sure to look through the DVD selection available on their website, with numerous aquatic exercise instructional materials that can help you improve your mobility in the water.

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