Kitchen Aids For Every Day

For the independent life, has many kitchen aids which help the individual with limited mobility, weak hand grip and other issues. Not just for seniors but for anyone post-surgery, with arthritis or with problems which impact strength and movement, these products promote safety and just help make every day tasks easier.

For instance, the Pedal Works Hands-Free Faucet Controller works by a foot pedal at floor level. Just step on it, and the water turns on without ever touching the faucet. Or, take the Zim under cabinet jar opener. This device helps any one open bottles and cans almost effortlessly--a must for those with arthritis. Durable and made from nickel plated steel, this gadget needs little care and will last for years. It can be yours today from

Especially for seniors is the GelPro Chef Mat. Available in great stain-resistant colors, this high-friction mat is comfortable and safe as it stops dangerous slips. Also helpful are OXO Good Grips weighted utensils. Their heavy handles help with dexterity and control, great for the individual who has limited use of his hands. Buy yours today from where we test all our kitchen aids to ensure quality and usefulness for activities of daily living.