Urinary Incontinence Product Choices

Urinary incontinence is when a person has no bladder control. It is a common occurrence and can be an embarrassing problem. Symptoms of urinary incontinence vary from mild leaks to uncontrolled wetting. It can happen to anyone but it is more prevalent in older people. Women are more at risk than men.

The reason urinary incontinence occurs is because a person's muscles are inactive or hyperactive. In some cases, a person has this problem due to weak bladder muscles. In other cases, a person with hyperactive muscles has to go to the bathroom even when there is little liquid in their system. Other conditions that can cause urinary incontinence are nerve damage or an enlarged prostate.

Even though this health concern cannot be completely treated, patients are given medication and simple exercises, which often offer relief. In some cases, surgery or special procedures are advised. This health matter is embarrassing and can lead to rashes and infection. To lessen this concern is to use a highly absorbent underpads or protective undergarments.