Reclaim Your Mobility Electric Powered Chairs

Power chairs can mean the difference between a tied down life and a free, independent one for people with limited mobility. There are a number of power chair manufacturers and models to choose from. When shopping for a power chair, take into consideration the person's weight, height, average distances to be covered, and operation surfaces. Figuring out your answers to the above four questions will help you whittle down the wide range of options to a few models best suited for you.

The Jazzy Pride Chair comes with sturdy 14 inch knobby tires and an innovative dual drive motor that has been patented. These powered chairs operate well in cramped spaces, have a distinctive mid-wheel drive, and are designed for the indoors as well as outdoors.The Elite 6 model of Pride Jazzy electric powered wheelchairs is extremely dexterous, usable, and earns top reviews. Elite's 6's good stability, cutting edge in-line motor, and Active-Trac wheel suspension promises blockbuster performance indoors and outdoors.

Another popular model of the Pride Jazzy electric powered wheelchairs is the Select HD Heavy Duty wheel chair. Designed for limited mobility individuals, it has tough shrouds and controller guards that are popularly called the "jazzy armor". Mid-wheel drive ensures it can maneuver through tight spaces easily.