How Ramps Help Improve Accessibility

A accessibility ramp is an essential navigational aid for anyone who uses a wheelchair to get around. Many different types of accessibility ramps are available to fit specific needs and situations.

Pool ramps are some the most commonly used accessibility aids. The Aqua Trek Pool Ramp can be custom built to accommodate any pool shape and size with a depth of four feet or greater. It's made of non-corrosive 304 steel with rigid PVC plastic and bronze deck anchors.

Suitcase ramps are popular products that easy work of transporting wheelchairs, scooters and similar mobility aids. The Signature Series EZ Access Suitcase Ramp folds easily to mimic the look of a suitcase and comes in lengths ranging from two to eight feet. They can be used to traverse curbs, stairs and even some minivans and SUVs. Pride Mobility Products and Drive Medical also make folding ramps.

A threshold ramp is ideal for use with a door or raised landing. Placing this aid next to a standard or sliding door or raised landing makes it easy for wheelchairs, rollators and similar devices to enter and exit buildings. Threshold ramps come in anodized aluminum and rubber in a variety of sizes and widths with capacities ranging up to 390kgs.