Portable Oxygen Therapy Systems Allow Patients Travel Mobility

Oxygen concentrators, commonly referred to home oxygen machines, provide greater mobility to patients that need an external oxygen tank to breathe properly. These devices are used by people afflicted with conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) that make it difficult to breathe. Without oxygen concentrators, such individuals would be dependent upon large, bulky oxygen tanks.

An oxygen concentrator works by extracting oxygen from the air, concentrating it and then delivery it to the patient. Mobility Sales carries a large selection of these machines that are lightweight, portable and can be used virtually anywhere, allowing patients to travel easily and without bulky machines.

Mobility Sales lists oxygen therapy systems for both home and portable use. Various concentrators sit on four wheels, is perfect therapy system for home usage. Another unit, the Invacare Platinum 10 is a reliable alternative to liquid systems, delivering oxygen in a compact and quiet manner. The Phillips Respironics EverFlo Q is packed with customized applications that include a humidifier adapter and comes with an environmentally friendly and lightweight case that is convenient for transport. This unit, weighing less than 4.5kg and comes with three long-lasting batteries, making it the ideal travel companion for patients who are constantly on the go.

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