The Rollator Walker in Focus

The rolling walker, also referred to as a rollator walker, is a cross between a conventional walker and a wheel chair. In contrast to a conventional walker, which has to be raised and lowered every time a footstep is taken, rolling walkers are pushed as they are on wheels. These wheels make them considerably quicker and provide more mobility than a traditional walker. Fear not though, they definitely have brakes installed! Wheeled walkers are not intended to be a substitute for wheelchairs, and they are only used by those who are reasonably mobile, and just require support when walking.

The majority of models have cushioned seats, so users can have a break when desired. Baskets are a common accessory too. Rolling walkers come in a range of designs. Many people automatically assume that they are meant for elderly people, however they are suitable for people of every age. Some models come in small sizes to cater to children, and lightweight, portable models are made for use indoors. The lighter weight ensures that they are simple to transport, so they can be taken to a venue and removed from a car with no problem. Better still, they produce heavy duty rolling walkers meant for outdoor pursuits.