Flexyfoot Ferrules

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Dynamic rubber tip designed for confidence and comfort when using a walking aid.

Patented air sprung suspension provides cushioning and allows full contact of the rubber tip with the ground, improving grip and stability on all terrains, including slippery and uneven surfaces.

Durability lasts from 4 to 6 times longer than traditional rubber tips

Eases aches & pains associated with constant stress and impact on joints

Easily renewed without replacing the whole Flexyfoot

Maximum user weight: 125 kg per pair

Great on the Ground

Flexyfoot will always maintain full contact with the floor, no matter what angle the walking aid is used at, providing improved grip and stability on all terrains, and in particular with slippery and uneven surfaces. The Flexyfoot rubber tread can also independently rotate through 360 , so full ground contact is still maintained even when twisting or turning around.

Gentle on the joints

Flexyfoot s patented design works like the suspension system on a four wheel drive. The flexible bellows absorb shock each time the walking aid contacts the ground so that forces transmitted to the upper body through the aid are always cushioned.

Easy to Fit

Flexyfoot looks a lot smarter than a traditional ferrule and is much easier to monitor for wear and replace when necessary. When the rubber tread is worn down to the wear markers (similar to those of a car tyre), the bellows and integral rubber foot are easily screwed off from the Flexyfoot collar and replaced.

Flexyfoot is really quiet on hard surfaces (great for wooden floors), and the special rubber tread won t leave marks on the floor, like traditional ferrules do.






16mm (Shaft Diameter), 22mm (Shaft Diameter), Single, Twin


19mm (Shaft Diameter), 25mm (Shaft Diameter)

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