HipSaver Open-Bottom Starter Kit

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3 pants only and 1 set of removable interchangeable hip protecting pads.

Effective hip protection gives you confidence in your ability to move safely from place to place, but HipSaver Open Bottom takes protection one step further!

Personal underwear and/or incontinence aids slip easily over HipSaver Open Bottom, providing the same effective 24-hour hip protection as other HipSaver products, while making toileting even easier.

HipSaver Open Bottom was designed at the request of nursing staff who saw a need for a hip protection garment that allows residents to wear their familiar underwear and alleviates problems for those with urge incontinence or challenges in removing close fitting garments.

HipSaver Open Bottom is hip protection that can be worn close to the body with confidence.

HipSaver Open Bottom is latex-free and contains no skin irritants.

Ultra soft breathable polycotton-spandex allows for a smooth, comfortable fit.

Wide elastic leg bands are never tight or binding.

The open crotch design reduces accidents due to the ‘fumble factor’.






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Polycotton, polycotton

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