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The Optiderma Heel Balm has been designed to digest and moisturise toughened skin that forms on Heels.

Optiderma Heel Balm has been specifically designed for application to the skin which may have been affected by one or more of the following conditions that occur on feet:

Suitable for use on dry, flaking skin with deep fissures.

Specifically for use on aged skin

Suitable for use on sensitive skin, skin damaged by the elements and skin affected by pressure or immobilisation.

Suitable for use on diabetic skin or skin suffering from poor circulation

Optiderma Heel Balm has a unique combination of ingredients which exhibit a high humectant value thus trapping more moisture in the dermis

Free of parabens and petrochemicals.

Not tested on animals.

Australian owned and made.

Available in an economical 750ml bottle and handy 70ml & 25ml tubes.

Directions for use

Apply Balm two or more times daily to affected area.
Do not apply directly to wounds
Reapply as often as required.
Tip: Enough cream to cover a 10 cent piece is sufficient to cover one limb. Cosmetic active ingredients

OPAL A 320mg/g (Modified Carica Papaya Extract)
Urea 90mg/g
Shea Butter 12mg/g
Cocoa Butter 12mg/g
Papain 2mg/g

Why only 9% Urea when other leading products are at 30%?
Our experience has found that 9% urea and 0.2% Papain gives just as good results without high concentrations of chemicals.

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Health Focus Products Australia


Health Focus Products Australia



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