Venosan 4002 Below Knee Self Supporting Top

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VENOSAN 4001 Compression Class II Pressure at the ankle 23-32 mm Hg

Luxury support with moderate compression. Velvety sheer stockings with moderate graduated compression of 18-21mmHg. Delivering welcome relief from tired legs and ankle swelling, these elegant stocking are also effective against the symptoms of swollen ankles, poor circulation, varicose veins and DVT.

Extremely elastic, making them easy to put on, these comfortable stockings are amazingly breathable thanks to the moisture-removing Tactel climate effect.

Always consult your doctor for more information about using compression products.

Key features:

* Luxurious compression stockings

* Moderate compression of 18-21mmHg

* Effective against tired and aching legs, varicose veins

* Relief from tired legs and swollen ankles

* Extremely elastic and easy to put on

* Velvety, sheer, and ideal for all occasions






Extra Large, Large, Long (Length), Medium, Small


Velvety, velvety

Toe Opening

Closed, Open


Short (Length)


Black, Marokko, Mexico, Sand

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