General Information about Compression Stockings

What are compression stockings?

Compression hosiery or compression stockings are a special type of hosiery. The stockings put pressure on the legs, making it easier for the leg veins to transport blood back to the heart. Those who will benefit from compression therapy usually wear graduated compression stockings or gradient compression stockings. The specialized hosiery compresses the ankle to reduce pressure at the top of the leg.

Leading Brands of Compression Stocking

Venosan and Jobst are leading suppliers of compression therapy products. Venosan compression stockings were founded by a physician around one hundred and forty years ago. The company produce a wide range of high-quality innovative medical compression products. Healthcare professionals are voicing concern, as many who wear prescribed compression stockings stop wearing them because they are uncomfortable, unattractive and difficult to put on. Venosan has addressed these issues by creating a new range of compression hosiery. Many firms who make medical stockings use spandex in their products however, Venosan covers the spandex with a double-covered yarn, hence the hosiery is comfortable to wear. The skin isn't exposed to the spandex and the durable stockings are easier to put on.

The leading compression therapy hosiery manufacturers make many different kinds of compression socks and stockings. Venosan realize that women who must wear compression stockings don't wish to compromise on comfort or fashion. The compression stockings are particularly popular as they are the sheerest stockings on the market (20-30mmHg).

It is neither sexy nor comfortable if the wearer has to pull-up the slipping stockings. The patented Venosan thigh band incorporates silicone, which offers a superior grip. Put the compression stockings on and they will stay in place.

The Venosan cotton compression socks can be worn for work or leisure. The seamless socks are made from high-quality cotton and can be safely worn by diabetics. The cotton compression socks are popular with athletes as the Dri-Release fabric keeps the feet cool, dry and odor-free. Wear any of the Venosan compression products and you will instantly notice the difference.

Jobst are also leading providers of compression hosiery. Jobst and Venosan are the two best known brand names on the market.

In general, the stocking size needed is based on the customers shoe size. However, Jobst use the ankle measurement to calculate the stocking size. The company feels this provides users with better-fitting compression hosiery. Jobst moisture-wicking compression hosiery keeps wearers dry and cool.

Both Jobst and Venosan produce a wide range of compression hosiery. The products meet the everyday needs of people of all age groups, from all walks of life. The Jobst UltraSheer stockings are one of the firms most popular products. These stylish stockings are much like the EverSheer line produced by Venosan.