Simple Pressure Relief Cushions

Long-term tailbone pain is very often caused by injuries sustained by falling or during childbirth, but in some cases it happens for no real apparent reason. This can make it very uncomfortable to sit down, but there are some easy tips everyone can follow to cut down on pain and reduce stress on the coccyx.

Special seat cushions are an excellent way to relieve some of the pressure on the coccyx. Cushions with a cutout at the back of the seat are the best, since they reduce the amount of pressure placed on the tailbone. Donut seats are for reducing pressure elsewhere so they don't work as well as some people might suggest.

Staying in one position is another cause of stress, and changing positions periodically is a good idea. Some people actually use a timer to ensure that they shift their weight at least once in every 20 minutes.

Leaning forward can also help some people. Find a table to rest your arms on. Make sure that it's the right height, and also make sure that your back isn't being strained in the process. Be sure to loosen any tight clothing. Excessively tight pants can make the problem worse.