Skil-Care Gel Foam Cushion Pad Classic 2.5″

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Available from multiple sellers

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Uniquely crafted two chamber pad supplies pressure relief with comfort. The water based gel lowers interface pressure and cools to eliminate perspiration, while high density foam prevents bottoming out and increases comfort and stability.

The outer cover is low shear to prevent skin damaging friction and is incontinence proof.

Safety straps secure the cushion to the wheelchair. Vinyl cover is bacteriostatic.

Clinical Rationales:
1. Prevention of pressure ulcers.
2. Avoidance of infection.
3. Redistribution of pressure with proper positioning.
4. Reduction of friction and shear forces.
5. Elimination of exposure to urine, faeces and moisture.
6. Reduction of skin temperature.

* Water-based gel lowers interface pressure & cools to reduce perspiration

* High-density foam prevents bottoming out while increasing comfort & stability

* Incontinent-proof vinyl cover prevents urine from entering cushion.

* Low-shear outer cover reduces skin damaging friction

* Safety strap secures cushion to wheelchair






16″ x 16″ (Width x Depth), 18″ x 16″ (Width x Depth)


20″ x 16″ (Width x Depth)

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