A Transport Chair or a Classic Wheelchair

Which Type of Wheelchair Do I Need?

There are many types of wheelchairs on the market today. The classic self-powered model comes with leg supports, manual wheels, and foot rests. There aren't too many other options. Powered models vary and can be quite costly, depending on the model and size. All wheelchairs come in a variety of widths.

The transport chair is the lightest of all. It may come with leg supports like the more classic wheelchair. However, it may be more difficult to push over a variety of surfaces and is intended mostly for indoor use, down a hallway, or from the bed to the bathroom. It may be the best choice for a more active person who simply needs a chair for part of the day or for occasional use.

One of the considerations when choosing a wheelchair is who will be pushing or operating it. If an active person who sits in the chair is more independent, classic wheelchairs may be the best option, in terms of cost. Many newer models are made with lighter materials, which makes them easier to operate.

A transport chair is easiest for getting from the bed to the bath or down the hall. It is also the easiest to get in and out of the car. This type of chair is best for taking a loved on with limited mobility to a doctor or hospital appointment.

With so many options available, it may be best to speak with the primary physician or home health nurse before choosing the right model. Often, the provider will think of many details the individual may have overlooked.